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2023-02-20 14:11:45

LTP (little parc) HANNAM - A small break amid the green plants

LTP HANNAM was open in Hannam-dong area, Seoul in November, 2020. It's a cute little brunch place that focuses on style, healthy and fresh ingredients. If you are looking for a filling brunch  amid the green plants, or dreaming of outdoor dining in style on a balcony, LTP Hannam will satisfy all your cravings.

"Little Parc", just like its name implies, the dining space is taken over by numerous leafy plants. The plants, decorations and furniture go so well together and make me want to chill there all afternoon chatting with friends. If you enjoy cozy and airy space and being surrounded by green leaves when having delicious brunch as much as I do, you definitely need to check it out.

Here, guest can enjoy the signature brunch set with our Blooming Soil Bowl, Sando soju cup, Dots Plate and Onseo Plate; balsamic & herb roasted grapes with burrata cheese in our Onseo Oval plate; green bean lemon pasta with our Dots Oval Plate, etc.

Why Soilbaker?

"Soilbaker is definitely my favourite ceramics brand, their plates are durable, which is very important  especially when it comes to restaurant use - they are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant; meanwhile they are just so simple and minimal - help to elevate all the dishes on my menu and add more character to the overall image.

Mix and match of Soilbaker ceramics for signature brunch.

"I love Soilbaker's tableware and have been using them at home myself. When we were preparing for the LTP Hannam's opening, I found it's hard for me to choose only one collection for my menu because all of their ceramics are just incredibly beautiful. So I decide get different lines for mix and match use. And now I'm so addicted to it. "