SOIL TO SOUL with Accah Chef Lee Hyun-seung l LIST


2023-02-20 16:52:31

SOIL TO SOUL with Accah Chef Lee Hyun-seung

In the workshop of Soil to Soul, we featured Chef Lee Hyun-seung of 'Accah', who showcases her expertise in Italian cuisine and the use of seasonal Korean ingredients to create a variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

Her book, "Italian Home Food Full of Vegetables," features flavorful recipes that incorporate fresh, locally sourced produce and domestic ingredients.

In this workshop, we explored Chef Lee's Italian vegetable plating, perfect for the end of the year. We tried some of the recipes from the book, including Italian snack plates for gatherings,

and end with a delectable Italian dessert called Peach Coti, paired with hot tea.

It was a pleasant journey delving into the culinary fusion of Italian and Korean cuisine with Chef Lee Hyun-seung.